Friday, February 13, 2009

Wow - time flies!

Time does fly when you're at home with your foot in a temporary cast and you can't walk without crutches.

How, you ask, can time fly when you're stuck at home and can't walk around? Well, first, due to the pain and swelling, you have meds from the doctor. Second, you knit. You knit a lot when you're awake! Below is a photo of the progress made on my February Lady. I am so looking forward to finishing it up so I can wear it this spring.

0212091816.jpg 0212091809.jpg

I like this lace pattern - it goes quickly and mistakes are easy to spot, thereby making fixing them quick and painless too!

Post updated: 3:32 pm - what have you done to yourself now, Cathy? is a question I have received a lot lately! Good question. If you may recall, on January 6, I sprained my right ankle/foot - I stepped off a curb onto Main Street near my office only to step directly onto the side of a pothole (City of Richmond needs to work on these - might just be the subject of another post) and I went ... down...! Fast, wham, onto my bottom, but not before I'd twisted my foot but good. Last week (Feb 2-6) I'd worn a real shoe to work each day - woo hoo! Monday morning (Feb. 9) one of the dogs woke me up to go outside for a potty break early. It was still dark. Moving around the bedroom, I tripped over one of the 2 black dogs and I went ... down...! Fast, wham, onto my bottom, but not without a little shriek and not without twisting my foot again but good! I went back to Patient First since they'd x-rayed the foot the last time and would have something to compare with. They put me in a temporary fiberglass cast with instructions to go to an ortho doc on or before the 12th. On the 12th I was seen at the ortho group who advised that while they don't think it's broken, it is definitely sprained again and I need to wear a big ole black walking boot for about four weeks.... The bone in question is on the top of my foot and inside so if there is any change other than for the better, they'll see me in four weeks. Sigh. Now you have the rest of the story!


Sue said...

That's a nice pattern. Pretty color, too.

Hope you're up and racing around soon. Enjoy the down time while you can, dog cuddling is always good.

Channon said...

The sweater is looking great!

Take care of you and recooperate.

stitching under oaks said...

The sweater is looking great! You're going to love it...I love mine! So sorry to hear about your foot...hope it feels better soon!

Christina said...

I love the sweater, cannot wait to see it.

Firefly Nights said...

So sorry you hurt your foot/ankle again. Your sweater looks great.

When I was recovering from my knee surgery I did the opposite. I didn't hurt but there were a lot of annoyances related to my surgery and I just didn't want to knit at all. Spent the whole time reading. Now I haven't read anything since and I'm knitting again.

Hope you're better soon.

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