Thursday, March 12, 2009


Domino, Daffodils and Dogs on Thursday

It's about 52 degrees right now (8 a.m. EDT); yesterday it was 80... welcome to spring in central Virginia!

So many photos, so little time to sit down and plan a blog post. I was trying to let my photos speak for themselves, but then I started editorializing.

First up we have Domino, our kitty - she says, "Whaaaat?!"


Next is a photo I snapped of some of my daffodils that line the driveway; even though it is overcast, they still make me happy. What is it about yellow?


Last but not least is Lady. Miss Lady came to visit and basically never left. Her 'real' parents got divorced; she was unhappy living with just her mom so her dad took her, but then the adult daughter moved in (with her dog - another story in itself). New dog, being an aggressive sort, bullied poor old Miss Lady big time, so I said she could stay with us for a little while (thinking that when the daughter got herself together and moved back out, Lady could go back). Almost two years later, daughter just moved out recently, but Lady would be unhappy back with dad ... he's never there and she'd miss her fur-step-siblings... What's a kind heart (read sucker) to do?


On a final note, please click the Dogs on Thursday button on the sidebar and visit some of the other fur-families!


Danielle said...

I love how Lady came to visit and never left. Sucker or not, you're a good soul. :-)

Channon said...

Lady looks very content. I'm glad she found the right home after all.

GoldenTracks said...

Beau came to find us, so I know what that's like. Foundlings are the best!
I'm in NC....I hear ya on the weather thing. We got spoiled in a hurry.

Sue said...

Miss Lady looks like a sweet little girl. How kind of you to give her a happy home. I bet she repays you in small ways every day.

dogquilter said...

sounds like you did exactly what you needed to do...keep lady! what a pretty girl.

Cat said...

Lady is a very sweet ole girl; we don't even really know how old she is - maybe 13+
(but aren't we all a little bit of 'plus' these days?! LOL)

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