Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wild Violet Homespun and a Contest **

What's prettier than that?! Just something knitted or crocheted with that!

It is called Wild Violet and it is homespun and can be found here on Etsy. If you are not familiar with Etsy, you may not want to go there!!! Your wallet will be happier.

Dani is giving away a sample and you can read about the contest here. I met Dani on Ravelry and followed her to the blog. I hope my blog entry about her yarn gets picked b/c I love love love the colors! They are just my colors, don't cha think??


dogyarnfun said...

Wow, that is really pretty yarn.

Channon said...

It is very pretty. Good luck!

Amanda said...

Very pretty - my colours too!

stitching under oaks said...

very pretty...what cha gonna make when you win it? :)

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