Sunday, November 25, 2007

Daily Posting?

I just read somewhere that we're supposed to post daily... whew... have I dropped the ball (of yarn)?! Yes, I guess I have. Actually, no because I have been knitting, but I haven't been writing about it. This morning I felted some Christmas presents - yes plural - so I better not say what right now, but it was good to finish some things!

Thanksgiving day was lovely - my sister and her husband had us over. Also, uncle, wife and 2 of 3 grown daughters. It was smallish (just 11 of us), comfortable and oh so delicioso! My sis is a lovely cook and dining with them is always a pleasure. Her tables are pretty, her food is wonderful and she always makes everyone feel welcome. Can't beat any of that, at any price.

Friday evening was good too --- drove out to Hanover to W's - present were her, me and her Mom. W's daughter called and, when informed that me and grandma were there eating spaghetti and watching holiday movies, she jumped in the car and drove out too! It was fun. I knitted, we ate, I knitted some more and then had to head home (23 miles, 30 minutes, door to door).

I have not uploaded photos yet of this weekend's activities, but will post when do, ok?

Happy Thanksgiving all -- I hope everyone is as thankful and grateful for what they have as I am.


Mary said...

There are no rules for blogging, so whoever "they" are who say it should be daily, well, "they" can just bite me. (Hee! Couldn't resist!) ;-)

CraftyGryphon said...

I wouldn't worry about the "daily" thing - I sure don't! I try to post on days I get to work (where the connections are fast and the internet isn't dial-up!), but even that doesn't work. Do Not Stress!

Kasia said...

I'm so happy that you had lovely Thanks Giving! No worries about daily blogging, I'm as well not really a regular blogger myself. Just post when you feel like that :D
Ho great that your Christmas pressents are being worked on... mine are still in the state of balls of yarn. Blame the bloody NaNo for that ;)

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