Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wet Wednesday here in Richmond

I woke up to dripping trees and wet leaves on the deck ... it's supposed to clear off --> in a day or three!!

Our homework for the AACS this week is to visit some other blogs and write a thing or two about someone whose blog you liked. I have been popping in on other members of the swap anyway so that was not a hard assignment! Since I had not visited everyone's blog yet, I dropped by Jill's Journeys and loved her mini Christmas widget - so much so that it now adorns the right side of my blog too! If you scroll down on Jill's page and see her kitty's photo (on the left side, down a bit), you'll see that hers looks a lot like Domino, my fussy puss.

I left her a comment, as instructed by our leader in coffee goodness, AM - this is fun. Thanks for letting me participate in this project!


Channon said...

What a pretty tree... but I have to get past Thanksgiving first!

Amanda said...

We had a storm overnight but not a lot of rain with it - this is year 12 of the drought so every drop counts. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jill L said...

Love your widget too! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your doggie is darling!

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